At iProTech we provide a range of technology products and services. These include Cloud and on-premises computing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses; hardware and software; security systems; IT training; production and recruitment services for technology professionals and corporate clients.

Our primary mission is to focus on delivering exceptional customer service and this is complemented by our dedication to education and certification. Every team member is continually challenged to improve their professional expertise. This creates a team culture that is innovative, collaborative and motivational for all our staff.
With over 10 years of experience in the IT industry, we have acquired the skills needed to ensure your IT services continue to run smoothly, whilst ensuring you are free to focus on the specific needs of your business.

iProTech Training

Our training services provide candidates with the tools and experience required to become better organised, technically proficient, more productive and better able to meet the demands of the industry for certified IT professionals.


iProTech Recruitment

We work with candidates of all levels of experience matching them to the right employers. We adhere to the Recruitment Employment Confederation standards of practice to ensure both our candidates and employers are satisfied with the results.

iProTech Solutions

iProTech Solutions enables small to mid-size companies overcome their IT issues and/or upgrade their IT infrastructure. Working in the areas of Cloud, Office 365, Sharepoint, CRM and security systems, we are able to provide tailored solutions to each budget.